Deni Karpowich


Dabbling in art and photography for as long as she can remember, Deni's love for encaustic painting happened by chance when she attended a workshop by Mississippi artist Kat Fitzpatrick at the Island Art Association, downtown Fernandina Beach. She was immediately attracted to the versatility of the beeswax and the unpredictability of manipulating it by fire. One of the unique qualities of encaustic medium is its luminosity. A painting can have multiple layers of pigmented wax and as light passes through those layers it is reflected back to the surface. As a result, the painting appears to be luminated from within. Encaustic also lends itself very well to mixed media and she is currently incorporating her local photographic images in her work.


Born in Texas, her father was transferred frequently so "home" has always been family, not a location. She moved back to FL for her senior year of high school. Shortly after moving she met her husband who went on to attend the United States Air Force Academy. They married after his graduation in 1984 and have a grown son and daughter, both of whom live in Huntsville, AL.


Deni's professional art career began over 30 years ago as a potter. She had a home studio for over 12 years while she raised her children. Once they were grown, Deni started working with pastry and spent the next 6 years creating wedding/celebration cakes and hand decorated cookies. During that time, she became a "sugar angel" with Icing Smiles, a nonprofit that provides custom cakes to families impacted by the critical illness of a child. She also started the Cookie Club within the organization that has since shipped over 2,500 (dozen) decorated cookies to those families.


In 2015, Deni and Mike sold all their possessions, bought a 38' sail catamaran in Saint Martin and cruised the Caribbean for the next 2 years until their boat was demasted in Puerto Rico during Hurricane Maria. Looking to escape the devastation in Puerto Rico, they flew back to visit family in Georgia. While there, they drove to Fernandina Beach hoping to find a piece of property they could build on in the future. They ended up finding a house which they fell in love with and bought it the next day! Their marshfront property has provided endless opportunities to photograph sunsets, birds and wildlife. Deni's encaustic and photographic work is heavily influenced by the local landscape as well as the beauty of the water from their years in the Caribbean.


Deni shares studio space in the historic district with two other artists. She's been an exhibiting member at Island Art Association since Jan, 2019 and at PAGG since Oct, 2019. She is also an active member of the International Encaustic Artists. You can view her art at , Deni Karpowich Art on FB and @denikarpowichart on lnstagram.

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