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Please note this is part of a triptych, if desired. See listings for Bromeliad Splendor I and Bromeliad Splendor III. 


Bromeliad Splendor II

Worth a King’s Ransom

Fiery red centered King's Ransom bromeliad, carved and hand printed; darker red and green hues light green leaves.

Artist's Proof


Media: Linocut in two colors

Dimensions: Image 10 x 13; Framed 17 x 21


Background story: I was excited to discover all the plants, trees, and shrubs growing at our new Florida home. In my backyard I discovered plants I would never have been able to grow ‘up north.’ There was a large pot full of these King’s Ransom bromeliads with bright red centers. I separated them and planted them throughout my yard just for their great color. I took photographs, made sketches, and then decided to create a close-up image. I carved out a sheet of linoleum and left behind raised lines. I chose this print-making medium known for highly defined lines to make this dramatic print. It’s the same technique Picasso mastered and so legitimized its use by other well-known artists.


Amelia Island: This island is full of warm weather plants; many are tropical. King’s Ransom is one of the most popular bromeliads because of its rich, fiery orange-red center. When in full bloom, King’s Ransom creates a massive rosette of breath-taking, colorful leaves.


Nature Fact: Like orchids, bromeliads are epiphytic; they grow on trees, rocks, or other plants, and they take their water and nutrients from the air and rainwater. The large colorful growth that makes bromeliads so popular is actually the flower bract. The bract holds a spike or tiny insignificant flowers depending on the species. To water a bromeliad in dry weather, just keep the center cup of the plant full. These plants love shade. They are perfect for my yard and its twenty-nine mature Live Oaks!


Location: This artwork is online only but can be viewed by appointment at the Plantation Artists Guild and Gallery.


SHIPPING NOTE: This painting is between 20” and 25” so please select “Large Painting” in the shipping tab if not local. (Free local delivery within 32034. Select “Pickup in Gallery“ as your shipping option.)


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Bromeliad Splendor II by Marcia DeFalco

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