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Lily Splendor

Photography by Marcia DeFalco.

From the Artist's Eye series: A tiny frog climbs a lily pad floating beside a glorious water lily; painting on artist's photo; artist's backyard Japanese garden pond.


Dimensions: image 30"x40" 


The Artist’s Eye Series: Marcia recently began to explore a technique in mixed media that combines photography and acrylics. She takes her own original photographs for the print medium on canvas and uses acrylic paint to show the viewer what the eye of the artist can see—but the eye of the camera cannot. The result is a unique work of art where it is nearly impossible to discern where the photograph ends, and the painting begins.

The result of her work in this series are large canvases that capture an expansive perspective and immerse the viewer in nature. It’s a chance to come face to face with natural beauty and wonder, and treasure the often ignored, or simply unseen reflection of nature in our own lives—reflections that refresh the body, the mind, and the soul.


Background story: I have always loved the water. I also love flora and have a great reverence, instilled in me by my parents, for all of God’s* creation. As an adult, I became a certified Master Gardener and learned about new plants I could grow in any climate or zone where we chose to live. So, when we bought our Amelia Island home, I was thrilled with its pond and waterfalls and looked forward to my first experience with water gardening and tropical plants.When we restored our pond and built our new Asian-inspired garden around it, it called out for water gardening. Our first stunning water lily blossom greeted us just weeks after we added a Sunfire Waterlily to the pond.*“Consider the lilies … , how they grow; they neither toil nor spin, yet … even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.” Matthew 6:28


Amelia Island: The diversity on our island is amazing—ocean front, sand dunes, old growth forest, marsh and wetlands, tidal river. Water plants, like the lily, flourish here on the marsh, lakes, reservoirs, and ponds. You can enjoy water lilies and so much more if you take a boat ride, walk Egan’s Creek trail, paddle a kayak, go fishing, or walk the beach at Fort Clinch.


Location: This artwork is located online only but can be viewed by appointment at the Plantation Artists Guild and Gallery.


SHIPPING NOTE: This is a large painting!  Please contact the Gallery at for shipping costs if you are not local. (Free local delivery within 32034. Select “Pickup in Gallery“ as your shipping option.)


More about Marcia DeFalco 



Sun Kissed Lily Bloom by Marcia DeFalco

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