This is a 16” by 20” large pastel rendering of nor’easter waves in Fernandina Beach, available in the triptych set as a complete wave scene or individually.  This painting is triptych I of the set.  The works each measure 20" by 24" in frame.  All the paintings in this triptych are mounted in a clean white mat and frame for a crisp presentation that allows for focus on the subsect.  They are framed with conservation clear framing glass for archival protection.  


This piece is currently available at the Plantation Artist Guild and Gallery.  Please contact the gallery for shipping costs.  It is recommended that you purchase the painting without the frame and glass to avoid damage during shipping.  Contact the artist for delivery options.  Pricing accomodations are available without existing glass and framing.


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Triptych - Nor'easter III by Cindy Jenkins

SKU: O-CJ-60,49