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Barbara Hopkins


As a figurative painter the goal of each painting is to engage the viewer visually, emotionally, and/or intellectually. My work is inspired by what I see and the pure joy of applying paint to paper or canvas. It is a straightforward, honest attempt to seize the moment and share it.

To that end my paintings feature people playing and participating in life; running on the beach,
paddling kayaks, gazing at breathtaking sunsets, observing a sleeping pet, or quietly watching a wild horse on Cumberland Island. Another irresistible subject is the natural beauty that surrounds us. Everything from sunrise on the St. Johns River to exotic tropical plants or the serpentine branches of the live oak find their way to my canvas.

A BFA in art education from the University of Georgia Lamar Dodd School of Art provided the foundation in classical art training that undergirds my work today. Over the years many teachers have influenced my work, most notably internationally known watercolorist, Mary Whyte, portrait painter, Marc Chatov , and currently Impressionist Jill Steenhuis. The joy of art is that you never stop learning.

As a trained artist I value knowledge of one’s craft. Composition, drawing ability, proper use of materials are all prerequisites to the integrity of each piece I sign. Likewise, presentation is imperative to the quality of each painting. All my frames are designed and handcrafted by my husband, John Hopkins.

I hope that you find as much joy in viewing my work as I’ve experienced in its creation.

Barbara Hopkins

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