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Barbara Hopkins


A figurative painter, I strive to be a poet not a reporter, a realistic painter whose work is more than a photographic image but one which invokes an emotional response. Maybe it’s a portrait that gives insight into the character of the human subject depicted or possibly a beachscape that stirs memories of walking a misty beach and the clamminess of fog on your skin. My goal is to paint a visual image that triggers the senses, that makes you wonder where that walker is going, imagine what that young girl is thinking, or  recall when you felt small standing beside the ocean. 


People, animals, nature; all these subjects appear in my watercolors, acrylics, and drawings. The play of sun and shadow, reflections, fog and mist; in short, my art is inspired by what I see and the sheer joy of applying paint to canvas or paper. It is a straightforward, honest attempt to seize the intimacy of a special moment in time and to communicate the multi-faceted beauty of our world. 


An undergraduate degree from the University of Georgia Lamar Dodd School of Art provided the foundation in classical art training that undergirds my work to this day. Opportunities to study with internationally known artists like watercolorist, Mary Whyte, and contemporary portrait painter, Marc Chatov have influenced the further development of my craft. Recent workshops with contemporary impressionist, Sally Cummings opened up an entirely new approach; that of palette knife and acrylics. The joy of art is that you never stop learning. 


As a trained artist I value knowledge of one’s craft. Composition, skilled drawing ability, proper use of materials, attention to quality of products used; all these are of great importance to the integrity of any artwork, especially to every piece that bears my signature. 

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