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Gary Rubin

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Story telling is primary in the paintings of Gary Rubin. Growing up in a family that moved frequently, books and drawing were his most constant companions. Art education came in the form of an art minor in college with drawing and design classes. While working in the corporate world after graduating, art studies continued with books and workshops. World travel for business and personal vacations gave exposure to many different ideas leading to a number of paintings that were hung in the offices of the Fortune 500 company where he worked. Rather than just painting a pretty picture, he felt a need to connect with the viewer by presenting an image that makes one think about the story behind it.

After pursuing art as an avocation for almost thirty years, with retirement to Amelia Island some twenty plus years ago, he turned professional and has exhibited in several galleries around Northeast Florida. Primarily painting in oils, the subjects have ranged from animals to people to landscapes. Often inspired by what may seem to be a common scene, he finds stories in them. Commissions have covered both people and pets. His paintings have been collected by patrons all over the U.S. and as far away as Europe.

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