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Charli Leniston


About me.  I paint like a wild woman.  I have no fear of the white canvas.  I have no fear of the texture left behind by discarded images.  I don’t need a plan.  Fantasies of times past arrive.  Picking up brush or palette knife,  I’m ripe for exploration.

I  live in a world of multi-dimensions.   My  imagination is free to  take flight.   Changing the vantage point to soar high above the clouds on the clearest of days I see figures, flowers, birds, buildings, patterns, weather, it’s all there for me to pick and choose.   I draw  from  a love of maps, adoration of colour and the oddities of my life experiences.   I enjoy  creating  series... perhaps 'Visions from Above' or  ‘Me..a has been’.   Each day I rediscover that which lurks beneath.   As the vantage point changes perspective I simply follow the colour.  It’s all there.  It’s the ‘boss of me’!!

Charli Leniston Bio

Charli started art late in life after 10 years of  thieving eclairs from the family bakery in Brooklyn N.Y. .   24 years later She left for  London married, bought land  in Corfu, Greece, and built a nightclub there, followed by a move to the "middle of nowhere," Southwest France.  Before that move, though, she needed  to find some creative outlets and Clay was the first love... the Camden Institute London was where the exploration began.  The next years were spent in  loving serenity of the French countryside, especially  the wine and cheeseboards.  Six years later the move was to Scottsdale Arizona ,and a switch to large concrete/welded steel pieces.. time to find a more mobile creative outlet, so we’re off to Marbella, Spain and a shift in mediums to acrylics.  There was to be just one more move.  Back to the USA, Fernandina Beach.  She is here to stay.


Juried Show Camden Arts Center, London 

Solo Exhibition for Most promising Artist, SCC

Juried group show, Shemer Center

Juried  show; Best and Brightest, Scottsdale Artist School

Solo Exhibition El Campanario, Marbella, Spain

Juried group show, La Padierna, Marbella, Spain

Juried Marbella Arte Fair 2 years

Gallery Colores del Girasol, Marbella

Taught one of the Saudi Princesses at their Summer home, Marbella

Omni Resort, Amelia Island, Featured artist Inaugural event ‘Cocktails and Canvases’ 

-Blue Door Studio and Gallery, Fernandina

-Plantation Gallery and Guild, Omni Resort

Featured Artist 2017, Island Art Assoc. Fernandina

Solo Exhibition Fern and Dina, Amelia Island, Fl.

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