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Estelle Conover

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A native of Florida, I was blessed to enjoy the many beautiful aspects of nature in Florida as a child and teenager. My family spent most weekends and every summer enjoying our state by camping, visiting many state parks, and exploring the Everglades.  Those memories and impressions have been a continuous inspiration for my artwork, much of which is represented in my paintings of our wildlife, ocean scenes and natural landscapes.


I grew up in West Palm Beach, Fla.  and eventually moved to Atlanta to advance my career in Telecommunications. While managing a professional career, obtaining my college degree in organizational management, and raising two children, there was little time to pursue art. Upon retiring as a Vice-president of a major sales channel at AT&T in 2012, my husband and I returned to Florida and the beautiful area of Fernandina Beach.


My creative journey in art began as I started painting in 2017. There was a wonderful local art instructor who led a group of aspiring artists in our community which I was able to join. That instruction along with various workshops and local painting groups has helped me develop my skills as an artist. My primary medium is acrylic, and my subjects are often beautiful Florida birds, wildlife, and landscapes. Our community has proven to be an amazing place for an artist to grow and flourish with so many resources and support to our local art community.

Estelle’s paintings can also be viewed at Blue Door Artists in Fernandina Beach.

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