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Laura Leibert


Laura is a passionate artist hailing from the vibrant streets of Philadelphia, currently basking in the sunshine of Florida.


Growing up amid the rich cultural tapestry of Philadelphia, she found inspiration in the city's history and diversity. The art museums and eclectic neighborhoods fueled her imagination, igniting a flame that would guide her artistic journey.


Laura's art is a dance between the real and the fantastical, a celebration found in the intricate details of the world around us. Animals, with their expressive eyes, and humanistic mannerisms, have always been choice subjects. Her drawings infuse reality with a touch of whimsy, to create a unique narrative.


Two artists who have left indelible marks on Laura's creative spirit are MC Escher, and Norman Rockwell. Escher's mind-bending perspectives and intricate designs challenge her to think beyond the ordinary, while Rockwell's ability to tell stories through his art, resonates deeply with her narrative-driven approach. Their influence can be seen in the carefully crafted details, and story-telling elements woven into her work.


The move to Florida marked a significant chapter in Laura's artistic evolution. The diverse wildlife of the Sunshine State has become a wellspring of inspiration, adding a new dimension to her artistic expression.


We hope you will follow along, as Laura continues to explore the interplay between reality and imagination. Join her on this adventure, as she brings forth intricate drawings that bridge the gap between the tangible and the fantastical, inviting you to explore the world through her eyes.

Here are some of the pieces that Laura currently has available in our gallery:

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