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Ned Flemming


Ned is pleased and honored to be represented at the Plantation Artists’ Guild and Gallery since 2016.  He paints in oils, accepts commissions, and is proud to have his work displayed in many homes, offices and public buildings throughout the Southeast.  There is even one of his paintings in Washington state. 


He studied graphic design at both The University of Florida and Florida State with an interruption, courtesy of the United States Air Force, to study the Chinese language at Yale. He was rewarded with a tour in Viet Nam where he was perched on a mountain top near the DMZ eavesdropping on radio communications. He decided that this was not a career path he wished to follow. 


His professional career began in Atlanta as a graphic designer developing concepts for packaging (Little Debbie Snack Cakes), corporate identities (MARTA) and even signage systems for major real estate developments (The Plantation)! He then  transitioned to a lengthy career in advertising.  As they say, he “left the drawing board” for the executive suite managing creative teams and client relationships for advertising agencies in Atlanta and Charlotte, NC.  


His business brought him to Jacksonville many times over the years.  During one of these visits he discovered Amelia Island.  With an eye to retirement, his family decided that this could be the ideal place.  Having grown up in the Orlando area he knew that was definitely not an option now!


The family purchased an island home in 1996 and were part timers until becoming full time residents in 2012.


Ned had spent his career more on the business side of the creative process but, given the time that retirement affords, he decided to dust off his paints and brushes and dive in.  Growing up in Florida he has been surrounded by water and boats most of his life.  With encouragement by family and friends he started painting boats and more boats along with a variety of other subjects.  Amelia Island has a vibrant arts community and he was honored to be invited to join the Plantation Artists’ Guild and Gallery in 2016.

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