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B. D. Burke
(Bernadette Dudatto Burkemper)

At the age of 14 one of my teachers went to my parents and told them that I was very creative and to pursue my natural born talent in art. Through the years this lead to private and group classes in the fine art style. While refining my talents in high school I was accepted into the Fine Arts Academy in Philadelphia.

As life would have it, my interest in art had to be put on the back burner, as family issues took precedent. Putting all my art supplies and classes on hold for 45 years.

In the interim I raised three wonderful daughters, started a window treatment, went into the interior design field, flipped houses, bought & developed land parcels, and always keeping with the natural creativity of my core.


After getting married and moving to the Chattanooga Tn. area for 18 years with my husband, Rich, I once again, started an upscale interior boutique shop. And while touring the state of Florida in 2013 looking for a second residence we found Amelia Island. Need I say more. This Island spoke to me with its natural beauty and its magnificent colors. The sunsets over the marsh and sunrises over the ocean, it’s breathtaking!!!


After being here the old Bernadette resurfaced, now life has come full circle, the paints, brushes, and 50 year old canvases, came out of storage. A brush in my hand feels right, it feels as though this is where I belong, painting sunsets of the marsh, birds,  Mother Nature, and all of the glory that is here in the spectacular Island.


My mediums of choose at the present time are oils and acrylic. Perhaps someday I will explore pastels or water colors again. I keep going back to my roots, the old masters way of painting, And the freedom of the big canvases to create endless possibilities. My work can also be seen at the Blue Door Gallery.

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