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Luisa Carver


A native of Argentina, I first discovered my passion for art in my late teens in Buenos Aires. There is nothing I love more than to set up my easel in a new location and try to capture the beauty in the world around me. While painting in oils is my first love, I have become proficient in watercolors, acrylic and pen and ink as I adapted to life abroad and the restrictions of living on a sailboat for several years.

I have attended art schools wherever I happen to be living, including in Buenos Aires, Barcelona, Mexico City and Washington, D.C. I have taken numerous plein air workshops in Provence. I have been part of the art expat community in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia and Tirana, Albania.

About 15 years ago, I took my first class on keeping a sketchbook. Now, I rarely venture out without a sketchbook in hand. I now live on Amelia Island, an artist's paradise. Just stepping into my backyard gets my artistic juices flowing.

Works by Luisa Carver currently in our gallery:

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