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Stan Cottle

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I came to photography by way of a career in marketing communications. As a creative director, I produce and direct visual communications for corporations which primarily involve film, video and photography. Initially, I hired cinematographers, photographers and editors for my projects, but eventually took on these roles myself. Now I have added another role -- drone pilot -- extending my image capturing to include “flying cameras.”


Inspired over the years by my father-in-law, nature photographer Len Messineo, I have embarked on the journey of art photography. My focus is on landscape and architectural photography, but I occasionally explore other genres. My purpose is to capture unique visual perspectives of our environment - natural and built - in order to enhance the human experience.


As owner of CCOM, a digital media production firm originating in Chicago, I work with clients nationwide ranging from the Fortune 500 to regional businesses from my home base on Amelia Island.


My work has included award-winning projects for national clients such as AT&T, Anheuser-Busch, Carrier, Chesapeake Utilities, Coca-Cola, Ford Motor Company, Humana, Kraft Foods, and Nestle, among many others. I also enjoy helping regional businesses, including nonprofits, communicate their marketing messages. Locally, I have worked with Florida Public Utilities, Jacksonville Sheriffs Office, Boys & Girls Clubs, Communities in Schools, Council on Aging, and YMCA.


My involvement with these businesses varies from overall branding and marketing strategy to the creation and production of communications materials across various media channels. The resulting communications campaigns have primarily targeted the business-to-business sector with a bit of business-to-consumer thrown in for good measure.


As an Amelia Island native, I returned home with my wife, Deb, and son, Connor, in 1997 -- after a 17-year visit to Chicago by way of Atlanta.

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